ZIServer™ Zone Integration Server

Virtual ZIS Capabilities

ZIServer's Virtual ZIS capabilities are designed for larger organizations and hosting providers to allow a single ZIServer or load-balanced cluster to be shared and locally administered by many independent organizations, giving each of them a private "view" of their set of zones, agents and audits.

Interface Security

The ZIServer admin utilities maintain their own set of accounts and passwords and roles for those accounts. These roles are defined as follows:

ZIServer - Setting Up Security (Zone Administrator)

In this example, the System Administrator named "rchutch" is logged in and has selected the Zone Administrator "cnoring" (Constance Noring)from the list of users. When this user was selected, a list of zones was displayed in the bottom half of the screen. Two zones were selected (enabled) for this user, the "ATZone" and the "NedTestZone". On this test server, there are a total of four zones configured.

ZIServer Zone Administrator Permissions
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To illustrate how this works, we will first browse to the "SIF neighborhood" before we log out as the System Administrator:

ZIServer - View as System Administrator

Next, we log out and log in again, but as the Zone Administrator "cnoring", then browse to the "SIF Neighborhood":

ZIServer - Zone Administrator SIF Neighborhood

When "cnoring" is logged in, only those two zones are visible. Additionally, if this user were to select the Audits tab, those messages would be filtered by those zones, so that she could only see messages sent from or to agents in those zones.