Visual Software's Partners

Microsoft Certified Partner

Visual Software has been a Microsoft Certified Partner since 2003.

The London Grid for Learning

The LGfL Trust was established by the 33 London LAs to provide extensive and cost effective ICT services, particularly broadband and e-learning tools.

The goal of SIF is to enable the secure, automated exchange of data between heterogeneous information systems in near real time, so that connected systems in schools always have access to current and accurate data about staff and students, and so that selected aspects of this data can be shared with appropriate authorities and suppliers.
LGfL's Visual Software based SIF Services

Capita Children's Services software and services give schools the information they need to make good decisions and help raise pupil achievement. 80% of schools use our
SIMS management information system to support practically every core process in the school, from the complex analysis of pupil achievement that will help improve teaching, to timetable planning and behavior or attendance monitoring.

With SIMS Learning Gateway, you can make the pupil information held in SIMS available to teachers, pupils and parents at home. SIMS Partnership Xchange allows you to automatically share pupil attendance and achievement information with partner schools to ensure your 14-19 partnerships succeed.

Oracle Gold Partner

Visual Software is an Oracle Gold Partner.  We currently support ZIAgent SIF agent connections to Oracle databases, our Acuity™ CEDS SIF adapter and will be supporting our other products using Oracle and MySQL products in the future.

As a Gold Level partner, Visual Software is also licensed to sell and support Oracle and MySQL products.

Civica Consultancy, Software and Managed Services

Business outcomes are powered by effective software. But often it’s only the start. Effective solutions that deliver real benefits demand much more. Civica Services is one of the foremost software solutions and licensing organisations in the UK. Whether you’re looking for rapid deployment of rich information systems or simply the most economical software infrastructure, Civica’s expertise goes beyond IT. Civica Services adds value through the flexible integration of the broad range of services in which we specialise.

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Visual Software has been an active member of the SIFA organization since 2001. We have been actively involved in the development of the US, UK and Australia specifications and our employees have been actively involved on several committees and working groups.